Pola 4.0 is a young self-taught artist from Lille. Her alias, Pola 4.0, is a reference to the famous polaroid format, which was so popular when she was a child; but it also carries a more personal meaning that she enjoys keeping secret...
Fascinated by aesthetics since her childhood, after graduating from high school, she hesitated between fashion design and object design, and finally opted for the fashion industry, where she was happy to express her creativity for some years.

She then had to face difficulties in her private life – great material for a detective story, actually – and she lost her momentum in this yet promising career.
She therefore had to stop her professional activities for several years. After a hard struggle, and once regaining some sort of balance, she threw herself body and soul into artistic creation. Though her passion has remained intact, her life experience and her sensitivity have directed her towards the realm of art and artistic creation…

Pola 4.0 sees her artistic approach as an illustration, by means of photos, of her “emotional maze”. Her eclectic subjects, who sometimes are opposed in every way, actually reflect her insatiable questioning about existence. With a barely hidden ambivalence, Pola 4.0 mainly sees in her approach and inner motives a flexibility of the mind or a reassessment, which is, to her, a major asset in a complex, changing and uncertain world. She strives to engage viewers, catches their eyes, and prompts their self-questioning, always in subtle way, never patronizing them.
Eager to understand the world she lives in, as well as individuals in their uniqueness, she continues her relentless quest, using a single filter: her emotions.

Her serie on the most legendary automobile models was born from her passion or beautiful mechanics. Attached to vibrations, she tries by her technique of points or lines to transmit physical sensations while sublimating the undeniable aesthetics of these iconics cars.

From her numerous of inspiration, Pola 4.0 has developed her own specific techniques, which successfully combine media arts, Image processing and mixed techniques. If her creations focus on the adequate use of aluminium or plexiglass, even wooden support frames, she however refuses to be restricted to a given artistic category, or to impose herself limits when it comets the shapes and forms of her expression.

For some years now, Pola 4.0’s work has been shown in several contemporary art galleries in France and abroad, as well as in contemporary art international fairs.